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Romeo Miller Passes on Movie "Sweetwater" to Maintain NCAA Eligibility

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Jul 23, 2008 05:00 ET
Romeo Miller Passes on Movie "Sweetwater" to Maintain NCAA Eligibility
LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - July 23, 2008) - Romeo Miller has passed on a starring role in "Sweetwater," the biopic film about the first African-American player signed by the NBA, so that he can pursue his studies and athletics full-time at the University of Southern California. Miller stated that while he loves the role and the film's message, he could not appear in a film related to basketball and remain eligible to play for his college team due to NCAA regulations.
Sunset Pictures, the production company behind the film, supports Miller's decision and has committed to working with Miller on future projects once he completes college.

Ben Press, Miller's film agent, met with college officials and all parties agreed to put Miller's film career on hold. Press also said that the time away from set wouldn't hurt Miller's career, as he will be honing his acting and filmmaking techniques through courses at school. Hollywood respects Miller's decision to pursue education at USC.

"While other young Hollywood stars are hanging out partying or off getting into trouble, Romeo is choosing to go to college and I think that's a great decision on his part," said Press. "He's going to be polishing his skills and getting a well-rounded education to fall back on. By the time he's out of school, he's either going to the next Will Smith, the next Chris Paul, or the next Donald Trump!"
"Romeo has agreed to abide by all NCAA regulations," said Romeo's father, Master P, "but I think a lot of their rules will need to be updated to take into account a person of his magnitude and his past accomplishments. I couldn't be more proud of my son's decision to choose education and athletics over money. Being a student athlete takes a lot of hard work and discipline."

"I'm not perfect, but I like to have fun, just like any other teenager," said Miller. "Being raised in poverty-stricken New Orleans, I know first hand what it's like to have nothing and to see what my dad has done with his education, goals, and opportunities has really opened my eyes. Now I'm grown up and I'm setting my own goals and with the right education, I know there's no limit."

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